Most Foreign Students In US Are Iranians


TEHRAN, May 8--Figures indicate that Iranian students and expatriates constitute the largest foreign denominations across the United States.
According to a report by Mehr News Agency, the Iranian immigration rate to the US has had a rising trend since 1980.
A considerable number of experts and specialist in the American sectors of medicine, engineering and commerce are Iranians.
Many US-based Iranian expatriates have good financial status and advanced academic knowledge.
Close to 85 percent of American-Iranians can speak English fluently, although they have immigrated to the US from a non-English speaking country.
Unlike other immigrants, Iranians show lesser tendency to separate themselves from other cultures while retaining their native traditions and culture.
Up to 45 percent of Iranian immigrants in the US have passed undergraduate courses, 43 percent are employed in managerial posts and 35 percent work in technical and executive positions. Another 10 percent comprise farmers, industrialists and workers.
The report added that 22 percent of American-Iranians are engaged in commercial activities.
The average income of Iranian families in America exceeds $55,000.
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